Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Round Table

Furniture in the house is very functional and serves so many useful purposes. It is the difference between sleeping in bed or on the floor, for example. One of my best friends used to always crash at my place and sleep on the couch. At that time I had my old couch and the wood and springs were making themselves known to her, although she is not one of those people to complain. Since then I had long replaced the couch with a much better lounging type couch that can seat at least 5 people comfortable. It is soft and cushiony, sometimes even more comfortable to sleep on than my own bed. Recently my friend came for a visit and was in amazement and a bit of disappointment because all she could remember was all those springs poking her and oh, how much she wished this was the couch she was crashing on! "Now you decide to get a good couch", she said to me halfway jokingly, "when I had to endure all that pain!"

What about a table? I have a great glass top table that I did not use much in the past. I would rather eat in my room using a nice tray. Not very often have I seen the dinner table used unless it's a family setting, or perhaps you have visitors over to share a meal. Even then, many families now a  days do not sit at the dinner table, everyone goes about their business...

However, as of recent, the round dinner table has been getting a lot of action: it's a place of study, work, morning devotions, shared meals, but most importantly - it has become a centre where many conversations and prayers would happen. There is something very intimate and special about sitting at a round table facing one another. If only that round table could speak it would tell a story of many stories. Oh how wonderful it is to have that round table, but most importantly, to make use of it in this way...where friends and family come together to share and partake...share meals, partake in conversations, share lives, fellowship and commune with one another and God. A round table, so simple and mundane, yet so endless in what it is able to offer when used in this many life stories and prayers shared at that table...

...and for that I am thankful...

The Fellowship of the Believers

"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."

~Acts 2:42

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  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts ^_^ THey were really moving and funny LOLOL It inspires me towards my future place so that loved ones can also come and find comfort in my "furniture" ^_^ LOLOL