Monday, April 21, 2014


Today is Easter Sunday! What a beautiful day filled with His Word, Baptisms, prayers and time spent with such beautiful people.

Words cannot describe nor encompass the overwhelming joy that I am feeling as I reflect on all that this day has brought forth, allowing me to be a part of so many incredible moments!

Above all, it is so humbling to know that God chooses to use me to share the message of salvation with the young people. No matter how I may feel in the days leading to the moment of delivering that message, even the night before as I was studying the Word and praying...all these feelings that try to overcome, making me feel like I am not ready, or that I am not even equipped for such a task...

In the last couple of days as I attempted to study and prepare for the last lesson in the series of Salvation, it has been a challenge. The attacks were many: either I am pressed for time or somethings would come up that would seem to take away the focus. Last night and this morning I was praying that He would give me the Wisdom and His Words to speak, asking Him to increase as I decrease...then I received a phone call form one of the girls who was getting baptised this morning. She tells me that she has a testimony to share. It was so incredible to hear those words knowing that it was her choice to stand for Christ and all that He did in her life... and share it with others!

I am humbled and amazed that His Spirit comes and takes the little that I have to offer and makes it incredibly powerful, making an impact on the hearts of those He calls to He allowed me to see that and be a part of that as I watched hearts and lives being changed. And all of this was made possible because of what is now made available to us through the power of the Cross! I get to experience Salvation and the power of the Holy Spirt...

...and for that I am SO Very THANKFUL!!!!

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