Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I have this awesome little friend who makes me smile and my heart overflows with love and joy by the coolest unexpected things he does! KJ is 8 years old and I so appreciate having him in my life :) The love and how much he appreciates me is so genuine and so honest that it is manifested through these cute and touching things that he would do. They literally make my day every time!

Like, when I would come to the door, he would shout my name with this excited voice - "Iliana!" - and he would welcome me by the door :) and then a hug would follow...and so we stand there and we will not let go...as if we did not see each other forever...lol In that moment it does not matter what happened that day, because I feel like the weight of the day just drops off me. That is the kind of love and energy he gives through these awesome hugs!

Today, I came by and he was so exited to tell me that he had something for me. He pulls out this ring that he got earlier and he thought of me because the kitty reminded him of the my cat Dori. I know it is so simple, but to see how exited he was to give it to me and how much he thought of me, putting it together in his mind knowing things about me, like the fact that I like cats, and specifically because it resembles Dori :) JUST LOOK AT MY BLING!!!

Rarely do we get that kind of thoughtfulness, even from the people who are so close to us, people who actually 'supposed' to know you for a long time....people who you would expect to know you well. To me it's not that important that I get a gift, or the kind of gift it is...but it was priceless when KJ gave me a simple gift that reflects that he paid attention, that he cares to observe and notice and thought about me when I was not even around, saving it so he can give it to me when he sees me again, a 'just because' gift, just because he carries me in his heart. That is a true demonstration of child-like, genuine, pure love...

...and for that I am thankful...

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