Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life is but a dream

Today was so peaceful. Serenity would be a good way to describe this day. This is the kind of day that you get to reconnect with God and have that quality time with Him. I have been longing for that for awhile. It was not about doing nor was not about doing at was about being.

Normally life is so busy and hectic. Even when you do make time to sit and focus on God and do devotions and even meditate, the mind is always busy. Rest is so important. It helps me reflect and get tuned into His presence, hear His voice. This is when I get most encouraged and inspired. This is when I get fed spiritually and fully rest because He gives me rest.

It was in that time that I was marvelling at the magnolia flower that was given to me by my newest friend. She is a special lady and she was so kind to bring me one of the magnolias that grows in her garden. It was my very first time seeing one...and oh, the fragrance!

Here is my poem that was inspired by this beauty. 
Dedicated to my girls - you know who you are ;)


“She is blooming, there was no other option.
No matter how much they would keep her petals closed
No matter how much she’s been hurt before
But now she’s blooming!

It would have been much worse to stay the same
It would be much more painful to remain
The only option is to give into what’s real
The only choice it to unfold, to open up and bloom!

Each petal took the liberty to move
Each movement was another fight to overcome
Each choice was made intentional to prove
Deliberately, fearfully to bloom!

And now she is no longer in a bud,
She is no longer hiding all her essence
Instead she is illuminating fragrance
Allowing to be seen from inside out!

Each moment that it took to bloom
It was not wasted, all was mean to happen
And now she’s free no matter who can see
Because no matter what her beauty is unraveled."

~ Iliana © 2014

"Life is but a dream" 

I heard this statement today and it almost jumped at me and then the Holy Spirit began to speak...

We think this life is the reality, but in actuality this life is only a transitory journey into the eternal reality. While walking here we have a chance to awaken to the reality and begin walking in the eternal even now. We no longer have to sleep walk being distracted by the insignificant things of this world. Instead we become sensitive to the unseen things of eternal significance. That is when we begin to seamlessly develop character of integrity not for any other reason but because anything else becomes irrelevant. It is not simply putting our best foot forward to impress others or pat ourselves on the back. It is just who we are - eternally meaningful and authentic. There is no other option, living any other way would be equivalent of shooting yourself in the leg and trying to run a race. This is what it means to wake up. Most people live their lives asleep. They are sleepwalking, making plans based on the reality of this life that will evaporate. How silly is that?

This life is a period of growth, discovery and exploration. Each person deserves that journey. God allows us to go through this life so that at some point we realize that nothing on this earth and beyond can remain disconnected from Him. He is the source of life and love. Our human experience has been tainted by sin which separates us from God, from the eternal...but we can choose to wake up now and live a life with Him, growing in our awareness of the eternal. Through acceptance of our sleeping state and making a choice (when we choose salvation from sin) we begin the process of waking up. The Holy Spirit connects with our spirit and channels eternity into us, bringing us into greater awareness of eternal reality. That is when our eyes become open, the scales fall away and we receive revelation. And nothing is ever the same...

...and for that I am thankful!

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