Sunday, January 26, 2014

Real Talk

There is something so calming and peaceful about sitting around a fire pit and having conversations about real life stuff, the kind of stuff that matters. Bon fires are one of my favourite things to do. So many meaningful conversations have been inspired by something so simple - burning wood!

Bon fires are another example of how we can take something so simple and create an experience around it which will create memories forever - and that is priceless!

Saturday night was one of those nights, where we were able to put our cell phones and shared some of the most incredible stories, the kinds that you leave at the bon fire...we shared our thoughts and opinions, as we gazed at the flames. That was also where God touched our hearts as we seeked Him on these was a real-talk kind of experience, the kind that makes you stop and think about the implications of the important things in life...

...and for that I am thankful...

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