Thursday, January 16, 2014

Time Alone with God (TAG)

When I hurt my foot I was really bummed out because it meant that I would not be able to do my morning runs that I enjoy so much. It was almost the reason for me to stay in my bed and sleep in over the next 3 weeks until it heals. I was quite disappointed but then I heard the Lord speak to me saying, "this is your chance to spend more time with Me." I could hear the excitement in that voice, so much so that I myself also got excited about it.


Usually I would go for my run and my morning would conclude with spending that time with God either in prayer or reading devotions or His Word. However, having more time to spend today seeking Him in silence, looking over this beautiful ocean, studying and going deeper into the Word was extra special. I know that one of the most exciting things for a follower of Christ is when there comes a point in their journey where they not only hear and know about God, but truly encounter Him and get to know Him. There is nothing that is as exciting and fulfilling than this, nothing comes close to this kind of intimate relationship with the Creator. It is that true communion with Him, my Friend and my Shepherd who speaks to me and leads me to still waters...

...and for that I am ETERNALLY THANKFUL...

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